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Sway Engineering Consultants

Sway Engineering Consultants is a UAE national company based in Abu Dhabi. Sway is a pioneer in consulting firms and provides innovative designs that contributing to create a sustainable environment, it has a proven record of success and exclusivity in introducing innovative and rich ideas and to achieve the desire of quality design and unique to the customer, Sway’s team has practical experience in sketching the biography of the operations in their designs, in order to achieve the vision of investors or beneficiaries to access the best designs that benefit them.

In the previous period, Sway has completed and implemented many distinctive architectural designs and executed many interior design projects, and supervising the government, commercial and residential projects, and the palace’s projects, which excretion it to be highlighted as an elegant brand in accordance with the best standards of engineering innovation. Adding on that, Sway supervisory and implementation team consists of engineers and technicians with a high level of experience and professionalism, Sway is always focusing on being an example of high quality, endless professionalism, and fast implementation, and it’s keening to make all its projects and services a reality of success to suit the needs of its customers in all public and private sectors.

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