Corporate Governance

Al Reem Group is committed to comply with prevailing legislation and has implemented and applied the principles of corporate governance in all its subsidiaries. The Group’s management and its companies have provided “fair, efficient and transparent management”. The Group’s management has adopted a set of controls and standards that have made the Group’s work an institutional work in a way that controls the work, also to ensures the protection of rights and fair treatment, and also ensuring the disclosure and transparency in hiring,  spending, controlling and auditing the internal and external financial, in addition to ensure the continuity of supervision and control of the work of the group companies, and abide by the regulations and laws and standards of performance evaluation and feedback evaluation.

The management of Al Reem Group, has always applied all the mechanisms and controls of the governance and institutionalization of its subsidiaries, in order to reduce deficiencies, risks and bad choice, and to ensure the fair distribution of profits and rewards, and monitor the conduct of managers, and to ensure the rights of workers to achieve a balance between all interests, this is reflected in the performance of the Group and its companies, in terms of increasing the quality of its services, and to achieve customer satisfaction and confidence in Al Reem Group in order to reflect the concept of commitment to word and deed.