Impact Studies Center

Impact Studies Center is the main source of studies in Al Reem Group and its clients outside the group whether economic, legal, administrative or human development services, it consists of a group of academics and experts in various fields of work, economic, administrative and financial officials, legislators, law and program coordinators as well as non-resident and part-time experts and consultants, and in the performance of its functions depends on specific and disciplined standards of quality and transparency.

The Center conducts its activities through the practice of the judicial authorities and the relevant administrative and economic authorities, as well as through the preparation of specialized studies and training courses, it is working on partnerships with the centers of studies, public institutions, and various media. In addition, Impact is responsible to manage the legal affairs of all group companies, besides its activities outside the group to serve its clients. It is also developing training plans for the Group’s staff and implementing these plans and training programs and for its clients as well, its specialized in developing internal systems and policies, preparing reports and proposals, draft feasibility studies, corporate governance studies, systems, strategic studies, analysis of published statements and their impact on the Group. Impact is also seeking to expand its cadre and provide its services to meet the needs of the Group and its customers outside the Group.

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