Al Reem Group

Home Devo is the first electronic platform specialized in the trade of building materials,  construction, electrical appliances and furniture in the world, It is a qualitative development of trade in this sector, in that it has reversed the style of buying and selling in this field and transformed it from a traditional activity into an intelligent activity. Today, Homedevo has become the new and smart form of the market for building materials, furniture, and electrical appliances, it is no longer important for the trader to have a traditional store and to put the products on the store shelves until a customer visits the store or orders a purchase from a customer.

As the Group aspires to keep abreast of digital commerce in a unique way, in line with the development of the UAE economy, which supports smart ideas and provides a fertile environment for growth, therefore, we are working hard and continuously to provide a pleasant shopping experience for our customers around the world by providing millions of products at the best prices and fastest delivery.

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