Al Reem Group

Express Box

Express Box provides excellent quality transport services and logistics solutions, whether they are individual, or collective, personal or business services in the with the needs of customers, these services include internal and international transport of goods and individuals of all kinds, warehouse rental services, car rental for individuals or companies, car rental with driver, transportation services for construction works, rental of construction equipment, cleaning and maintenance services, furniture transportation, packaging, refrigerated transport and road assistance, and transportation of disabled vehicles and provision of transport services at events, exhibitions and conferences.

Express Box has developed the intelligent transport route and adapted itself to modern technology and created a unique electronic system, that regulates the transport market in the private sector and supports operations in the public sector. It facilitates the provision of services to individuals and institutions from transportation, leasing and logistics services. The objective of Express Box was to achieve the happiness of its customers and to support the process of building and economic and social development in the country.

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