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Al Reem International Construction LLC

Al Reem International Construction LLC has been established in 2007 and the headquartered is based in Abu Dhabi, it is one of the UAE companies that has taken its own layout in the implementation and management of its projects through an engineering approach which is unique and different than other companies, in addition, Al Reem has a proven its track record in the construction sector, which strengthened its strong presence in the field of contracting, public construction and facilities management. In addition, Al Reem has strong partnerships in the engineering services field, in both public and private sectors, and also we have an experienced and professional team with high experience in the implementation of construction projects (government, commercial, residential), gardens, palaces projects, restoration projects and restructuring of dilapidated buildings. Al Reem is keen to provide its services in accordance with the best standards of engineering innovation, as it focuses on always being an example of high quality, endless professionalism and fast implementation, to suit its services the needs of its customers in all public and private sectors. For more details please visit

Home Devo is the first electronic platform specialized in the trade of building materials, construction, electrical appliances and furniture in the world, It is a qualitative development of trade in this sector, in that it has reversed the style of buying and selling in this field and transformed it from a traditional activity into an intelligent activity. Today, Homedevo has become the new and smart form of the market for building materials, furniture, and electrical appliances, it is no longer important for the trader to have a traditional store and to put the products on the store shelves until a customer visits the store or orders a purchase from a customer. As the Group aspires to keep abreast of digital commerce in a unique way, in line with the development of the UAE economy, which supports smart ideas and provides a fertile environment for growth, therefore, we are working hard and continuously to provide a pleasant shopping experience for our customers around the world by providing millions of products at the best prices and fastest delivery. For more details please visit

Express Box

Express Box provides excellent quality transport services and logistics solutions, whether they are individual, or collective, personal or business services in the with the needs of customers, these services include internal and international transport of goods and individuals of all kinds, warehouse rental services, car rental for individuals or companies, car rental with driver, transportation services for construction works, rental of construction equipment, cleaning and maintenance services, furniture transportation, packaging, refrigerated transport and road assistance, and transportation of disabled vehicles and provision of transport services at events, exhibitions and conferences. Express Box has developed the intelligent transport route and adapted itself to modern technology and created a unique electronic system, that regulates the transport market in the private sector and supports operations in the public sector. It facilitates the provision of services to individuals and institutions from transportation, leasing and logistics services. The objective of Express Box was to achieve the happiness of its customers and to support the process of building and economic and social development in the country. For more details please visit


INDEX is considered as a leading IT services company offering integrated capabilities including IT solutions, information security solutions, surveillance systems, payment systems and all the technical needs of various sectors like public and private, Index has been able to serve many large and medium-sized projects in the field of technology, and INDEX has been able to overcome the pressing challenges in its various fields of work quickly and professionally. In addition, Index is characterized by its swift response in critical situations such as international exhibitions and conferences where its team handles these cases quickly and efficiently. This makes it a company that has a special fingerprint in the IT services market with the highest quality and skill to match its growth with skilled engineers and technicians. For more details please

Mask Media

Mask Media is the vision for change and innovation beyond the stage of marketing to solidify the conviction of ability and ability to overcome every obstacle and come up with new, in every time Mask Media creates a sophisticated image of its products and services, because of that, it is unique in providing its services. One of the most important elements of working in the marketing, promotion and information market services is that employees in this field should move away from traditional and repetitive services, this is because the media service, the organization of exhibitions, conferences, marketing, and marketing studies must be characterized by renewal and continuous thinking outside of the box, and away from the forms of rolling shows and promotions, and Mask Media has adopted this vision and sought to apply it in every project it worked on and this is was the secret of its distinction, Mask Media has not only provided innovative services but its management sought to expand its work to cover all known media areas and opening up new business areas so that they can provide integrated service. For more details please visit

Sway Engineering Consultants

Sway Engineering Consultants is a UAE national company based in Abu Dhabi. Sway is a pioneer in consulting firms and provides innovative designs that contributing to create a sustainable environment, it has a proven record of success and exclusivity in introducing innovative and rich ideas and to achieve the desire of quality design and unique to the customer, Sway’s team has practical experience in sketching the biography of the operations in their designs, in order to achieve the vision of investors or beneficiaries to access the best designs that benefit them. In the previous period, Sway has completed and implemented many distinctive architectural designs and executed many interior design projects, and supervising the government, commercial and residential projects, and the palace's projects, which excretion it to be highlighted as an elegant brand in accordance with the best standards of engineering innovation. Adding on that, Sway supervisory and implementation team consists of engineers and technicians with a high level of experience and professionalism, Sway is always focusing on being an example of high quality, endless professionalism, and fast implementation, and it's keening to make all its projects and services a reality of success to suit the needs of its customers in all public and private sectors. For more details please visit

Impact Studies Center

Impact Studies Center is the main source of studies in Al Reem Group and its clients outside the group whether economic, legal, administrative or human development services, it consists of a group of academics and experts in various fields of work, economic, administrative and financial officials, legislators, law and program coordinators as well as non-resident and part-time experts and consultants, and in the performance of its functions depends on specific and disciplined standards of quality and transparency. The Center conducts its activities through the practice of the judicial authorities and the relevant administrative and economic authorities, as well as through the preparation of specialized studies and training courses, it is working on partnerships with the centers of studies, public institutions, and various media. In addition, Impact is responsible to manage the legal affairs of all group companies, besides its activities outside the group to serve its clients. It is also developing training plans for the Group's staff and implementing these plans and training programs and for its clients as well, its specialized in developing internal systems and policies, preparing reports and proposals, draft feasibility studies, corporate governance studies, systems, strategic studies, analysis of published statements and their impact on the Group. Impact is also seeking to expand its cadre and provide its services to meet the needs of the Group and its customers outside the Group. For more details please visit

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