Al Reem Group

Al Reem International Construction LLC

Al Reem International Construction LLC has been established in 2007 and the headquartered is based in Abu Dhabi, it is one of the UAE companies that has taken its own layout in the implementation and management of its projects through an engineering approach which is unique and different than other companies, in addition, Al Reem has a proven its track record in the construction sector, which strengthened its strong presence in the field of contracting, public construction and facilities management.

In addition, Al Reem has strong partnerships in the engineering services field, in both public and private sectors, and also we have an experienced and professional team with high experience in the implementation of construction projects (government, commercial, residential), gardens, palaces projects, restoration projects and restructuring of dilapidated buildings. Al Reem is keen to provide its services in accordance with the best standards of engineering innovation, as it focuses on always being an example of high quality, endless professionalism and fast implementation, to suit its services the needs of its customers in all public and private sectors.

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