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Alreem Motors is a electric commercial van manufacturing company that is revolutionizing the transportation industry with innovative, sustainable, and efficient vehicles. Our mission is to create a positive impact on the environment and society by promoting sustainable transportation solutions.

Al Reem Motors Industries was founded in 2018 by a group of experienced professionals with a shared passion for sustainable transportation. Our journey began with a vision to create electric commercial vans that are not only environmentally friendly but also affordable and efficient. Since then, we have established ourselves as a leading player in the electric vehicle industry.

Our company focuses on research and development, particularly in the area of enhancing mobility and infrastructure. As an expert in electric cargo vans and delivery systems, Al Reem Motors (RMI) offers a comprehensive range of electric vehicles such as cargo vans, light cargo trucks, and mini buses. The manufacturing of these vehicles is done through a smart operating system located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, which covers the entire end-to-end manufacturing process. This ensures the company’s strong capability to manufacture all types of electrical mobility with great running performance and high-end quality.

We have accomplished this through our dedication to research and development and a commitment to sustainable business practices. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, utilizes smart operating systems to cover the entire end-to-end manufacturing process of our electric vehicles. We produce a comprehensive range of electric vehicles, including cargo vans, light cargo trucks, and mini buses. Our Electric Vehicles have been exported to many countries such as GCC, Panama, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan & Spain with great reputation. We can offer customized solutions with LHD & RHD Steering systems, approved models from EEC to Europe.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in the electric vehicle industry. We strive to attract and retain the best talent to ensure that we continue to innovate and create cutting-edge solutions to meet our customers’ needs. Our mission is to make a positive impact on society, and we are proud to contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

The key focus is always towards green technology evolution. Our electric cargo van is a great component to boost the company’s goal, as most of its inventions are promoting green initiatives. We are constantly evolving and expanding our capabilities to meet the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions. Our focus on innovation and sustainability has positioned us as a leader in the electric vehicle industry, and we are excited to continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Thank you for your interest in Al Reem Motors Industries, and we invite you to learn more about our company and our commitment to sustainability.

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