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Shaping Financial Futures Since 2007

Since 2007, Al Reem Group has been a dynamic and innovative force in investment management, delivering exceptional results. Specializing in overseeing a diverse $1 billion portfolio spanning real estate, hospitality, healthcare, and education, we bring a wealth of experience.

We view investment management beyond mere numbers. It’s about understanding markets, anticipating trends, and identifying enduring opportunities. Our dedicated team of over 50 professionals, including analysts, managers, and specialists, is committed to delivering exceptional service and innovative solutions.

Guided by a rigorous analytical approach, our investment philosophy aims to manage risk and maximize returns. By melding data-driven insights with profound market understanding, we identify opportunities aligned with our clients’ investment goals.

Thank you for considering Al Reem Group for your investment needs. With our expertise, experience, and dedication, we are confident in helping you achieve your financial goals. Join us today and discover how we can assist you in unlocking your investment potential!

A Word from Chairman

Al Reem Group is the trusted trading partner for partnership and investment in the region, one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. The Group has become a leading investment management company in the United Arab Emirates and the region and is characterized by its efficient team, services, and practices of a global nature.

We in Abu Dhabi, have a vast base of expertise, history and business relationships to provide safe investment opportunities in the UAE, Gulf, Middle East and Europe markets with financial returns.

We have started as a small entity and have worked diligently, craftily and courageously to reach our growth and development and to keep abreast of new developments in various sectors such as construction, healthcare, real estate, information technology, and e-commerce. We have achieved many competitive advantages that encourage and attract investment relying on our local and foreign partnerships, and we are going to continue expanding, developing and improving our businesses to achieve our financial and non-financial objectives.

For that, we are confident that we are constantly evolving and ready to expand our customer base and business, and also to promote and distribute business opportunities in various sectors and we will continue as the first choice for current and future investors.

Eng. Saif Bader Al Seiari,

Corporate Governance

Transparency and Integrity

Committed to full compliance with prevailing legislation, we have implemented corporate governance principles across all our subsidiaries. Our management strives for “fair, efficient, and transparent management” through rigorous controls and standards, establishing an institutional framework. This framework ensures the protection of rights, fair treatment, and transparency in various aspects, including hiring, spending, and financial auditing.

Consistently applying governance mechanisms, we institutionalize our subsidiaries to minimize deficiencies, risks, and poor decisions. This commitment ensures the equitable distribution of profits, monitors managerial conduct, and safeguards workers’ rights, resulting in improved service quality and heightened customer satisfaction. Our dedication reflects a commitment to both our words and deeds.

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